Monday, April 18, 2016

What a Difference 12 Days Makes

March in upstate New York was mild.  Pete and I got out to fish the day after Opening Day and we each caught fish, small brook and brown trout.

Then winter came back, with a dusting of snow on Sunday April 3rd and four inches the following day.

Since then, the spring has shaken off the rain and the cold and it’s very agreeable at home.  People on the West Coast and Great Lakes are also reporting nice weather.

With the arrival of the good weather, there’s a drive to get outside again. 

Our outside now has a simple and reasonably-priced glider for two people and a moveable fire pit, both courtesy of The Christmas Tree Shop.  These items may also be available at CostPlus World Market, which seems to have some of the merchandise of the Christmas Tree Shop.

We tested these outdoor accessories this past Saturday night.

dusk in the neighborhood

With a moveable fire pit, serious outdoor fire builders need to think smaller than they would with a dug fire pit or a campfire.  The manufacturer of our fire pit recommends fewer, smaller pieces of wood than can be fed into a campfire.  They also recommend having a fire at least 20 feet away from the house - -  and to have water nearby, in case things flare up.

We had small pieces of well-seasoned hardwood that, when split, fit perfectly into the pan of the fire pit.  With two or three matches, a nest of old papers and a bunch of wind-fall twigs, the fire caught on in no time.  It wasn’t the famous one match fire of the seasoned outdoor pros, but it started up and kept going.

With any fire, there’s a need to be flexible on seating arrangements.  When I have a fire, the main rule seems to be that the smoke will always blow to where I am sitting - - regardless of how many times I move. 

In a welcome change from these circumstances, smoke from our Saturday night fire either went straight up or kept blowing in one direction. 

Our night had a moon that was a bit past half.  The mosquitoes are back, but we had about an hour and half grace period before they became annoying.  The fire was descending to just embers at this point.  We put it out carefully and easily found our way inside with the moonlight.


  1. Ahhhh, the peaceful life. Enjoy, because soon you'll be weeding the garden. Please be careful of the skeeters !! skj

  2. Nice photos and good story as usual.

  3. Steve, you are right about the garden and the skeeters. Thanks everyone for reading!

  4. Wow, what wacky weather! Love the pics! :)