Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Late Fall Gardening

Carrots from my Garden

On the East Coast, we have been having a mild fall so far.

When I went over to the garden on Sunday to clean up, I found there were still a lot of carrots.  Yes, they were small.  But yes, they are also so tasty.

After pulling the carrots, I went to check four Brussels Sprouts stalks.  When I last saw them in early November, the sprouts were small.

On this trip, they are large - - almost as large as those in the supermarket.  Dorothy baked them and put balsamic vinegar on them.  The big ones had a creepy texture but the smaller ones were great. 

My mother will be amazed to know that I finally ate a Brussels Sprout.

The Brussels Sprouts that Ate Guilderland!

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