Sunday, July 27, 2014

First Harvest

Tuesday evening  July 22, 2014, at dusk

With Dorothy's help, I finally got the weeding under control.

The results are above - - and the corn has gotten taller since this past Tuesday.

Below is the first harvest.  It's not enough for a crudite plate - - but it's great to get food from the ground.

From mid-left: Swiss Chard, three carrots, string beans and stawberries
from the ever-bearing bushes my friend Keith gave me.

Some of my friends and blog readers are out catching trout - - even in the water-starved Sierras!

In Syracuse a few weeks ago, I fished a beautiful stream.  There were no fish but I was finally getting the fly to land where I wanted it to.

Have a great last week of July, everyone!

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