Saturday, April 5, 2014

Italian Ways: Back - - In Paperback!

In August, 2013, I wrote a short review of Italian Ways: On and Off the Rails From Milan to Palermo, an excellent book on train travel by Tim Parks, a British expatriate in Italy.

If you missed the chance to enjoy Mr. Parks in Italian Ways in hardcover, fear not.

W.W. Norton and Company, Parks' publisher, has released Italian Ways in paperback.  In fact, if you are traveling this spring or summer and need a great plane, train or bus read, the smaller format paperback might be an improvement on the hardcover.  I was going to say "a great plane, train, bus or car read," but if you were barreling down the Interstate reading Italian Ways, that might not end well for all - - unless this is available as a book on tape.

The redesign for paperback has kept the delights of the hardcover.  The vivid cover is the same as in the hardcover edition and the whimsical, yet accurate drawings by David Atkinson.

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