Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome Aboard: East Coast/West Coast/North Coast, about travel and life in America.

I spend a lot of time on or near these coasts for business, family trips and fun. This blog will help me learn from you about the coasts and in return I will share with you memorable traveling, exploring, shopping and dining experiences.

The definitions of “East Coast” and “West Coast” are easy to understand. The “East Coast” in this blog may some day include places as far south as Key West.

“North Coast” is a phrase I once heard that is useful to describe the country along the Great Lakes. Although, if this blog had reports from Ontario, its title would have to expand to include the “South Coast.” (Sorry for this geography humor).

All along the North Coast are productive cities and beautiful country. In fact, I was born in Buffalo, New York. Also along the North Coast are great sports teams, such as the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Indians.

For now, this blog will have a departments for each coast and the catchall departments, “In-Between” and “Where does it Fit?” As time goes on, the format may change.

These departments will chronicle events that happen - - and provide advance notice of events or trips.

So, whether you like roller blading along the Pacific in Venice Beach, casting for striped bass in the Atlantic at Montauk Point or demolishing a plate full of such Buffalo delicacies as chicken wings or beef on weck, welcome to the coasts!

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